Friday, June 8, 2007


I did it! One week down, (out of ten).

Today I was TIRED, with a capital everything.
Many apologies to the roommates who saw me before coffee.
Since coffee didn't happen until noon, many apologies to everyone who ran into me before lunch.

It was funny what a bad mood I was in in class. It was one of those gross days, I was convinced that all my premonitions and insecurities were right and I was, in fact, the worst dancer in the world. Everything was coming together to confirm the daemons in the back of my mind, and whoa were they right. Bah! Why try! Arg!

Luckily I have trained for long enough to know that when those voices are loud enough not to quiet with a little chastising, you give them a designated spot in the bleachers and fill the rest of the audience with the information coming in. That noise is usually loud enough to provide enough of a buffer to keep going. This can sometimes give your attention to the detail of the instruction a greater focus, as you must focus on the class itself in order to ignore the hullabaloo coming from the designated bleacher area.

So today the hullabaloo was really loud, and I was trying to focus instead on learning the first jumping combination of the class, and then on keeping my torso strong and stable and using my feet to capture and rebound momentum in the first jumping combination of the class, and then the combination ended and I realized:

I just DID the first jumping combination of class. Actual jumps, not "getting back into jumping" jumps, real ones, with pointed toes and straight knees at the top.

Huzzah. Ten months out and counting.

Friday, June 1, 2007

stories inbetween

comma comma comma period, exclamation point? question? mark. period! (oh, parentheses.)