Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ego boost, curtesy of


a name for girls. Most julia's are artistic, smart, romantic, beautiful and also very charming. Julia's can get whatever they want if they try. They can be very sexy so watch out! They are romantics and love old movies, art and books. they love old stuff! They usually aren't very athletic but if a julia is athletic she's kick butt! they have great fashion sense and usually look smokin'. A julia will most likely become a mother because they love kids. They are very successful in life and there is just something about them that draws people in. Also they are ah-mazing dancers!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

this one's short because my eyes are half closed

I wanted to write something about traveling. I would have something to do with memory, losing bits of it, focusing on others. The modifications that become so meaningful.

I wanted to write about... wanting to be known, in the personal sense. But that feels so middle school, I just can't do it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

"do you have a paperclip?" "ha! no. what would I do with a paperclip?"

And thus it seems, this is my life now. I'm drinking wine tonight, wine following margaritas (Sunday), which followed more wine (Saturday). But, really, I'm doing well. Life like sandpaper, that's all. I'm getting smoother? cleaner? more refined? through the process.

I like it. The way things seem to be hitting me in the face, good and bad, lately. Gotten so I'm a little mixed up, and I laugh at the bad ones. Splash! Experiences like waves, and me, soaked - in, under, tossed, riding. Through it all, I've been thinking.

Tonight I realized that nothing has changed. It has been four months since we even said hello, and NOTHING HAS CHANGED. And I guess that's good to know, that nothing's changed.

It was good, no? We loved each other. I'm sorry I fell out of love sooner. I'm sorry my fuse is longer, I'm sorry I dreamt in directions that took me away from what you dreamt of for us. I'm selfish. You said it. (In the car, no? It was raining?)