Wednesday, September 26, 2007

to do

It's been awhile!

Tonight is a night where I feel on the precipice of change. Like the night before the day you wake up and smell fall in the air. The first discernible sign of...

(maybe not knowings = excitement in these instances)

I am ignoring my duties to flirt with possibilities in my mind. Feels good. Tomorrow will hurt, as it always does. ('OH no, I have no time,' I will think, promptly ignoring all the valuable and quite useful time that I had the night before, thus become a self-inflicted victim of circumstance.)

What if? and why? and maybe? and wow... have all been cluttering the passage ways that would lead to answers to:
    1. Please describe the nature of the proposed mentorship. How would you like to work together?
    2. What ideas do you have about the use of your available time in the MJDL?
    3. What type of activities other than rehearsals might interest you to structure, or about which you imagine, having an exchange?
    4. Write about anything else you would like the CHIME panel to consider
All made the more confusing by the fact that I'm not answering the questions for myself, but for someone I much admire.

I think that's all for tonight.

(For the record, I am quite happy, just tired and distracted.)