Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wouldn't you?

I would like to write about the fact that I like writing blogs. In fact, I truly enjoy the activity. I like thinking that maybe somehow I am more interesting, or at least better understood for my already existing interestingness, because I write them.

I would like to discuss how I don't think that all blogs are good, but that the ones I enjoy reading I find very good, and I think they should be made into a book, and preserved as an indication of the times we live in.

I would like to say that I think writing blogs is a very selfish thing to do, at least in the way I do it. And I think that everyone should have more than one entirely selfish activity that they do. My other selfish activities include dancing and bike riding and eating and sleeping and, most of the time, working. Sometimes I go out, and that too, is selfish.

Sometimes when I have free time to think, which is mostly when I'm on my bike and coasting through the Panhandle, I like to think of names for books that will never get written and never get published. One is "A Guide to San Francisco for the Little Moneyed and Easily Amused." Another is "I Don't Really Believe this Light Should be Red: Cyclists' Interpretations of San Francisco." And finally, "Blog it Out: A Cultural History."

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