Tuesday, October 2, 2007

les pensees (misspelled)

I was upset today because I didn't want to accept my editor's edits. Some of them were good - tricky work usages, style blah de blahs that I'm a general dunce at catching, better word arrangements, but others I disagreed with wholeheartedly and didn't want to accept. I initially decided not to do so, then decided to put the writing aside for tomorrow when perhaps I will be more open to change. Then I decided to think of the editing process as a communication and as my editor as a good-hearted guy with a wealth of experience in writing and copy-editing who is offering up his knowledge to my young-hearted attempts. (Which he is; which I am.) Then I decided that, in the morning, if I can see where he was trying to go with the changes and can think of a darned good reason why I disagree, I will not accept the changes.

Another thought from today: Communication is my degree, not my strong point. (Do you stand by that, my lonely reader? Do you still read this post, or did my months of silence lead you to other nightly internet habits?

Finally: My emotional parts need more close attention. Another thing that is not my strong point. I blame heritage.

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Utah_Guitar_Guy said...

Your lonely reader promises that he still reads this post. ;)