Sunday, April 1, 2007

bicycle, bicycle, bicycle.

I rode my bike to and FROM work today. From was more of an accomplishment, considering the fact that it is: a] uphill, and b] at 11:00 at night. But, after getting to work and feeling utterly unnecessary for the amount of business we had, giving two weeks notice and having my boss basically say, "yeah, that's fine. It'll be easy to take you off the schedule, you're not really working here anyway," and then being dyslexic and closing the cash drawer almost $20 short, I needed some release. Biking uphill at night through San Francisco was a good one.
I am on the verge of becoming the spokeswoman for using your bicycle as transportation. I have more energy, sleep better, have more time... it's fabulous. Ride a bike. It will change your life!
I also have more energy at 12:46 pm, which is maybe not the best situation. Oh well. I'm not a necessary part of work anyway... it'll be ok if I'm not all there tomorrow.
SERIOUSLY. I don't like the feeling of being totally dispensable. At least, with my other two jobs, I know there's a reason I'm valuable to those employers. And I'm more passionate about the subject AND there's more room for me to make the job what I want it to be. So, basically, they're great, they're perfect, and now they've grown into positions that can pay my way and I can quit the coffee shop.
I agonized over how I was going to do it, told myself I had to speak to my boss in person and do it today, and then finally when I told him, it seemed to be no big deal. And it's not. There are lots of cute girls out there who will make lattes and be nice to the customers. So, that's good. They can have my job.
Is it dumb to feel loyalty to something that I knew would always be temporary? It's turned out to be a shorter position that I imagined- I thought I would be at the coffee shop for at least a year. It's been a little over 6 months, and work I've wanted has just fallen into my lap. I still feel bad about quiting. Even though it's no big deal.
I am rambling, big time.

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