Monday, March 16, 2009

I'd like to tell you absolutely nothing

Tonight, I traveled to the East Bay, rolled sushi, drank sake, and discovered three amazing things:
1. eel
2. plum wine
3. an engineering ballroom dancing sect of society

Yesterday, I dealt with the topics of my previous blog while drinking beer and eating pizza. Then Dana came over and we split a bottle of wine and talked about life until 2am. There are SO many topics you can instantly cover with someone you lived with for three years. And whether it was the pizza, beer, wine, or good conversation, my persistent bad mood that had spanned the past two days went away.

I wonder, am I beginning to sound a little alcoholic? I have been drinking more than I used to. But I also am older than I used to be, and I'm not drinking excessively. So in closing, I'd like to give whatever readers there may be a couple of quotes from my dad:

1. "I like beer." (said in relation to why he was going to continue to drink as much beer as he wanted while dieting)
2. "Wine isn't drinking, wine is eating." (said while drinking scotch)

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