Wednesday, March 4, 2009

in a little while

I heard a phrase or two on the train, some things that entered my brain like marshmallows. Then later they came out like the ones that are in lucky charms, less meaningful. In a hard sort of chalky way.

I listened to that voicemail again, the one you guys left on my birthday. I mean, you're ridiculously cute, and so I have to listen to it every once in awhile. Last year, it helped me through fights with my boyfriend, when he'd leave five angry and stressed out and whiny voicemails, then after hearing all those I'd listen to that ridiculously cute one from you. It helped a lot. This year's voicemail just makes my day better. Today, I ate Mexican food with a good friend - an old friend - then I listened to your voicemail! What could get better?

I'm not sure what else to blog about tonight, except perhaps that my good friend - my old friend - introduced me to goddess cards tonight, and they told me that wine is my true love, my relationship with wine is blossoming, and I should trust my instincts about drinking wine. Why, oh why, was this not the answer to the question before that, which had more to do with a crush? I think that perhaps the goddesses got confused?

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