Sunday, April 26, 2009

grump grump frump grump

I'm getting grumpy, so I thought I would try three things to get out of it.
1) Coffee
- done awhile ago
- helped momentarily
- tasted good
- unfortunately too late to repeat
2) Headstands
- fun to do
- easy on the ankle
- work momentarily
- easy to repeat
- people might look at you strangely
- luckily I am at CELLspace
3) Writing a blog
- yes.

To update the bit of vagueness from my last blog, I will be performing with Dandelion Dancetheater at Joyce SoHo this July. I am so excited and thrilled about this that I don't believe it. At all.

I also sprained my ankle last Wednesday, but it looks like it should heal well and I will miss very little.

I have no money and should be working right now, on the subject of grumpiness.

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