Thursday, April 2, 2009

in the interest of time

I have gotten NOTHING done lately. I've noticed that I go through these phases, but I don't remember one ever being this bad. As in I've missed deadlines, skipped out, and generally blown off any commitments that didn't have to do with dancing.

I'm tired.

At the end of the day of dancing, I want to dance more, and I want to be less tired. And I don't want to do anything else.

I'd also like a window. Every once in awhile my lack of one depresses me, and now is one of those times. Please, just some sunlight, the ability to wake up and watch it for a little while, a chance to sit and glance out at something other than my living room.

I'd like to leave the City for a little while. Go somewhere with more space in it, less people, and more plants. In two weeks I'm planning to visit my friend in the Headlands! Maybe that will work. But if today really was the start of a long weekend for me, I would have gone somewhere for all of it. But I have commitments tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday. Followed by a Monday-Friday, and then commitments on a Saturday and Sunday, which will just start again on a Monday.

I'd also like a boy to kiss a little. Or maybe just watch movies with and sit close.

I'm performing tomorrow? My parents will be here the day after, for a whole week? I'm performing the next weekend? Seems unreal. I am excited, however, somewhere. I think that my eyes are tired, my stomach is nervous, my legs are heavy, and the bottoms of my feet are excited.

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