Monday, April 27, 2009

in my own way, i got under the influence

This is from a year ago. I was updating my resume (the dance one!) and I guess I was feeling nostalgic.

I liked it because of the De Young Museum in the background. Seeing this photo was one of the things that brought home to me: you live in San Francisco. Yes, LIVE here. Another: seeing the Golden Gate Bridge from the window of my surgeon's office. Working out in the YMCA and seeing the Bay Bridge. Coming and going though City Hall on work. Riding the bus past the Painted Ladies. As landmarks became a daily part of my life, yes, I realized that I live here.

It still strikes me at times. I have a big-time crush on San Francisco.

There's also a host of things I've never done in this city, and I'm starting to feel the need to make a list and methodically cross them off. Summer project?

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