Wednesday, May 6, 2009

results of a manic brain, spurred on by coffee, chocolate, and joy

Ba da, ding, I'm performing on Saturday. Woo! The thing being that it's Alex Ketley's work which, since it encourages a good deal of personal investigation - to the point of changing the material - it's perfectly possible to do on a bum ankle. PLUS! The piece is funny. So I'm dancing on Saturday, and I get to be funny. Yay!

The ankle really is doing much better, though, and continues to feel better after each day of working it in class. I anticipate being fully up and running within a week or so.

Also, just becuase you now have a blackberry does not mean you should start writing run-on-sentance emails. There's really no need.

I want to read a book on Chinese medicine, because accupuncture is saving my life.

I think that's all. Time for my day to get its official start, I suppose.

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