Sunday, May 3, 2009

notes from the unabashed middle ground

I felt like I should post a few highlights of conversation from an out-of-character weekend.

First off, on Friday night my friends and I went to the Red Devil Lounge on Polk St. to celebrate our friend's birthday. I'd never been there, but when I walked in the door someone came up to me and said, "Is your name Julia by chance?"

Why yes, yes, you are correct. We had grown up dancing together and are now both out in San Francisco. Fancy that.

Then, when high-tailing it to the bus stop after wards, I passed a couple of skinny jeaned, black t-shirt wearing hipsters, and one said to the other, "No, man! We came to San Francisco for a reason!" Which struck me as disastrously funny. Oh really? I'd be intrigued to learn what that is, because all I see you guys doing is loitering around the Mission in funny clothes and getting in my way on fixed gear bikes.

Perhaps I shouldn't be so harsh. Perhaps if I got to know a hipster, I would really enjoy him. And I actually think they're more my crowd than the crowd at the Marina club last night. Although that whole evening was disastrously funny as well - all I can say is that ballroom dancing engineers are sweet people, high rollers, and HOT on the dance floor.

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