Sunday, May 10, 2009

sometimes i am a pro procrastinator

I performed in a completely new dance space yesterday, and it has left me feeling like I want more. I really really really want to go out dancing right now. But is it 3:00 on a Sunday afternoon, hardly appropriate.

The ankle is doing well. I'm anticipating being able to start jumping this week and am looking forward to it.

I can motivate myself for about 3 hours of work. After that I will do anything to avoid starting again, including considering biking somewhere I don't need to be to see if someone I don't know is there, starting 3 instant messaging conversations, thinking that in order to do anything I'm going to need at least one cookie, doing push ups and sit ups, and writing a blog.

I need to get better at self-motivating my work during the week so that my Sundays don't have to be completely set aside for my to-do list. How wonderful if I could be outside right now, guilt-free.

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